2016 could be an interesting year for English singer Frankie Davies. The Jersey born 22-year-old’s just been confirmed as part of the bill for this year’s Country 2 Country Festival at the O2 in London. She has also been added to the line up for Bob Harris’ Under The Appletree Festival in May.

A good time then for Davies to release Dancing All Night, a catchy piece of country pop. The song is inspired by her parents, and the joy of a couple whose love for each other has passed the test of time. It stays the right side of twee, unlike many story-led country songs. It’s polished too, and you can tell that Davies has spent time in Nashville. It’s a warm and embracing acoustic turn – that shows that some of those American influences are seeping through, in a good way.

Country music is under going a re-imaging in the UK and the time seems right for artists to follow the likes of The Shires and Ward Thomas and create a vibrant and exciting scene on these shores. Davies could play a big part in that, judging by this.

Below you can hear an interview with Frankie Davies, where she discuss The Shires and the image of country music in the UK.


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